Secretly, China Seriously Make Jumbo Jet Plane Local

With the rise of industry, China will not continue to rely on foreign aircraft such as Boeing or Airbus. Currently, the Chinese government is serious about building a homemade jumbo jet.

Akhi on Saturday last week, the Chinese government conducted a series of experiments separately operate the jumbo jet version of Y-20 which is the largest transport aircraft.
Jumbo Jet Plane Local
Y-20 chief designer Tang Changhong said Y-20 is being designed as a multifunctional jet.

“The success of te flying Y-20 became the starting point of China’s aviation industry, and we are getting closer to be able to build a strategic air force,” said Tang eperti Chinadaily quoted on Monday (03/04/2013).

It said Tang, the Chinese aircraft designer takes 5 years to be able to do a test flight of the aircraft. Currently the world’s largest plane is the Antonov An-225, Ilyusin Il-76, and Boeing C-17 Globemaster III.

Tang believes, Y-20 is going to be a jumbo serving of air travel in China. In previous trials on January 26, 2013 then, the aircraft can carry up to 66 tons of cargo.

In addition to Y-20 aircraft, China is also creating C919 jumbo which is expected to start flying in 2014.

The Chinese government is serious about developing industrial center plane. China immediately poured a budget of 100 billion yuan (U.S. $ 16 billion), or about Rp 152 trillion for aircraft engine development program made their own works.

The Chinese government wants to reduce its dependence on foreign aircraft manufacturers such as Boeing, Airbus, General Electric and Rolls Royce aircraft along with the increasing need for Bamboo Curtain country.

So far, the Chinese aircraft industry failed to build aircraft engines for reliable products, and are still dependent on Russia and the West for both commercial and military.

A professor of aerospace experts from Beijing University who knew that Rp 152 billion fund that would be used China to conduct research, development of technology, design, and materials for the aircraft industry.

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