Air Asia boss Donald Trump Substitute Position

YOU accepted! As soon as the words that became the hallmark of billionaire United States (U.S.), Donald Trump, the reality shownya The Apprentice. Speech is now held by a businessman of international airlines, Air Asia, Tony Fernandes.

Yes, Fernandes is now the Chief Executive of The Apprentice Asia program. He will replace Donald Trump role in the television (TV) is. As is known, The Apprentice is a Trump-owned tv program.

Forbes quoted on Thursday (14/03/2013), the program is more or less a reality show as many as 12 contestants from across the region will compete and various tasks. Then the climax, they will do a job interview that ended with a stay in one house every week.

In the program, an intern who survived for 13 episodes will come out as the winner. In addition, the employee will also be given one-year contract to work with a salary of $ 100 thousand per year on one of the many companies Fernandes.

For your information, there are more than 25 formats The Apprentice program is adapted to the whole world that a success after premiering in the U.S. in 2004. The program is run by billionaire real estate Trump. However, this program is the first time in Asia.

Mentioned the Sony Pictures Television Networks Asia, which produces the program, Fernandes is the right and perfect in the “replace” Trump for having high business instincts.

The Apprentice Asia is expected to describe the working conditions in Asia and can be an inspiration. The program is scheduled to be broadcast in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore are scheduled to air in May in 19 countries throughout Asia.

Fernandes himself this year listed as number 21 richest man in Malaysia Forbes. “A lot of good candidates for this program. Lesson good,” Fernandes said in one of the booms in social media.

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