Iron Maiden New Business

Legend of a heavy metal band, Iron Maiden, incoming new business. Production of alcoholic beverages, traditional British beer.

Of course, this has nothing to do with their activities as a musician. But her name in the music world that has been crisscrossing nearly 40 years, obviously become very important for a brand of merchandise.

Because it is no wonder, if a beer company in the UK are willing to work together to bring forth a new beer product. Product name: Trooper, taken from the title of his classic songs.

Iron Maiden and Robinson, owner of the family beer business is 175 years old, plans to launch a Trooper in May.

Options in this brand, said Bruce Dickinson, Iron Maiden personnel, to look patriotic. Feedback on the Trooper, the song was released in 1983, tells the story of British hero.

Dickinson, a former pilot was recalled, he was depressed when he first approached Robinson to discuss the collaboration. Robinson had even questioned his seriousness, given the expected is a long term commitment.

Actually, for business, Dickinson not new. Previously he had undergone a retail business that sells sports equipment. His name: Duellist.

Iron Maiden’s lead singer now wants to develop other business, the traditional British beer. This beer has an alcohol content of 4.8 percent. Starting next spring, Trooper products can be enjoyed in bars UK.

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