The rupiah strengthened Thursday morning Three Points

Rupiah moved higher by three points against the U.S. dollar on Thursday morning as traders kekhawatirnya easing the financial crisis Cyprus.

The exchange rate of the rupiah currency traded between banks in Jakarta on Thursday morning strengthened in value by three points to Rp9.722 compared to the previous position Rp9.725 per dollar.

Trust Securities analyst, Reza Priyambada here on Thursday said that the movement of the exchange rate rose slightly in line with the negative sentiment from the easing of the financial crisis rescue in Cyprus.

He added that market participants expect the government to control the Cyprus capital so as to avoid the occurrence of investor funds out of the country.

“The government of Cyprus is expected to prevent the escape of deposits as depositors in the bank trimmed the country’s potentially 40 percent,” he said.

He said the sentiment of the country remains quite stable over Indonesia’s economic fundamentals still have growth.

Head of Research Investindo Futures Monex, Ariston Tjendra said consolidation moves rupiah against the U.S. dollar with a tendency to move in a narrow range.

“Cyprus will impose restrictions on check cashing and limit cash withdrawals from his bank that is expected to hold the ‘rush’. However, disappointing Italian bond auction results,” he said.

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