"Anti-Muslim Violence Corrupt Image Myanmar"

Communal conflict in Myanmar is considered to have damaged the image of the country internationally. President Thein Sein see violence targeted against Muslims Myanmar, has sparked international concern.

The wave of violence that occurred back on March 20, leading to the mosque and houses burned in several cities of Myanmar. The incident also left 43 people dead. President Thein Sein has also established a state of emergency and a curfew in some areas.

“People have been killed due to this event, and of those there are also allegedly involved arson without seeing that they had violated the law. Actions Anti-Muslim violence has damaged the image of Myanmar at the world level,” said President Thein Sein in his address to the people of Myanmar , as quoted by The News, Monday (04/01/2013).

The former general in the era of the military junta, added that such incidents have damaged the honor of the country. Thein Sein view, the incident is noteworthy because the international community has warned the democratic transition in Myanmar could be damaged by this conflict.

United States (U.S.) and United Nations (UN) is voicing some concerns due to the unrest. Unrest in Meikhtila recalls unrest in ethnic Rohingya Rakhine among the ethnic Rakhine which killed 180 people.

UN special envoy says Myanmar who take care of the problem, the Government of Myanmar participated in the massacre suffered by the ethnic Rohingya. In addition there is a suspicion that the recent riots in Meikhtila planned.

Quintana said the government’s involvement lasted recent riots that occurred in Mekhtila on 20 March. Quintana urged the Government of Myanmar to take steps to prevent the violence spreading to other parts of Myanmar.

Previous UN Adviser Vijay Nambiar who visited Meikhtila on Sunday, March 24 and saw that the riots had been planned earlier.

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