Crucial Role Played by Ken Von Kohorn in Reshaping Social Morals and Ethics


Many people know Ken Von Kohorn for the great work that he has done in reshaping morals and ethics of the entire Connecticut.  He has been a leader of the pro-life movement, the Family Institute in Connecticut. This leader has been described by many people as a person with strong convictions when it comes to morality, family and humanitarian values and choices in life. He believes that people should always make exemplary decisions. Apart from being a chairman of the Family Institute in Connecticut, he is also a founder of an advisory and research firm. This firm is found at Westport in Connecticut.

Over the years, this leader has always agitated for the society to go back to its morals and values. He notes that current society is suffering from many ills after neglecting traditional values. He observes that modern society has run away from traditional values on which it is built. His role has always been to fight for restoration of the foundational values of the society. He has been doing this through his organization and writing. He desires to have the government and citizens support the essential role played by the family unit in the society. He says that many ills that have fallen upon the society can be dealt with if the society goes back to traditional values.

This leader has always raised his concern on the kind of education that is being offered to pupils. He observes that the media is giving a lot of information to children. Some of this information is not appropriate for children during their formative stages. As such, the education system should be designed in a way that enables children to choose the right information and avoid that which might not be suitable for them. This way, the future generation will be one that will be able to make good decisions and choices.

Through his organization and writing, this leader has changed perceptions of many people. He has also helped many people to participate in the restoration of the society to its rightful morals and ethics. Ken Von Kohorn role in transforming the society has made him popular not only in America, but also in other parts of the world.