Globalization in Business World

With the opening of Asian and African markets U.S. companies have the opportunity to sell products that they may have over supply of or suffering from low sales in U.S. Many of these countries are just coming into modern technology; this will allow for sales of products that well make their lives easier that many Americans take for granite. Also this well allow U.S. companies to improve both sales and over all company monetary values.

I feel the biggest challenge is religion and culture; both of these have caused wars and problems. With the president we have now and his belief America is no longer a Christian country this alone well makes problems for U.S. in Europe. The people of America after 911 no longer truly trust Muslim countries this well open companies for lawsuit and terrorism.

Another feeling in the banking world is that globalization is a “race to the bottom” for both labor and environmental standards (CATO Institute, 2009). By this the banking and government thinks as I do, that this well cause a lowering in the living and pay standards in U.S. to match these foreign countries which would destroy the American way of life as it has been.

Also I feel opposite as the government of the powers that be feel, mainly we are already way over board on environmental things, just look at G.M. , the E.P.A. alone has cause them to raise the price of cars over 60% in just the last 10 years, with no real showing that is has helped the environment at all. Other countries like China are building more coal power plants daily as we are being told by the U.N. and Al Gore we must close ours. American companies are making money sending this type of knowledge and equipment to china which is a good thing for globalization, but on flip side we cannot use what we already have to help American people.

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