If Stop Worrying Income Work After Baby Birth

The presence of children is an invaluable gift. If a desire to stop working after the baby is born but fear can not live on one income (husband), what should be done?

Diana Sandjaja, RFP of MRE Financial & Business Advisory provides the following suggestions.

Before you decide to stop working, solidified what your intention to stop working. Usually to be closer to the kids and take care of their children well. Well, the fact that you’ve “paid”, saw the child can smile and be happy and grow well.

Problems are only one source of income is actually no need to worry because it can be circumvented by changing lifestyle.

Certainly wrote with you at home then there are some that can be cut expenditure, such as expenditure on babysitters, housekeepers, tutors, and transport to school when you can drive yourself.

In fact, also a visit to the doctor if you are careful in preparing food for the family and take care of their children well. So, do not be too worried if your intentions are sincere financially for the family.

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