Allocate Money Never Wrong Place

Financial planners say people Pritchard Hapsari Ghozie Indonesia clever aside money but mostly misplaced.

Errors are generally allocated on savings. Most people rely on savings for retirement savings as well as to meet daily needs. Another common mistake is to pay an insurance policy but do not understand its purpose. As a result of money that should be maximized for a more profitable investment, insurance funds flowing to obscure their financial goals.

When talk show launching her second book titled Make It Happen!, Pritchard said that saving is not enough to meet the needs in the old days. Women who do not cease to educate the importance of this investment also revealed 50 percent of people can not distinguish between deposits, savings, and investment.

Financial problems then arise not only because of the lack of savings, but also due to the high lifestyle and customs owe. About 30 percent of people have a high lifestyle and hobby owe 18 percent.

With various financial problems and misplaced allocation of these funds, many people are not able to realize a dream. Such as owning a home, children’s education funds, pension funds, as well an opportunity on vacation,

Regarding insurance, the most common mistake made is buying insurance with premiums that do not fit the ability finansial.Rata average Indonesian people spend 20 percent of their monthly salary for insurance premiums. In fact, should the allocation of funds for insurance premiums only five per cent of the salary.

“The most important of insurance is the customer know what to do with the insurance.’s No way all owned insurance, so it had to choose,” he advised.

Pritchard went on many insurance policies owned as easily tempted bid due to lack of knowledge. Including insurance are included in credit card bills.

“It’s okay to buy the insurance offered cryptic origin according to the needs and capabilities. Includes insurance credit card bills coming due for some people it helps pay monthly. However make sure you pay off the credit card bill is not paid the minimum payment because that would be insured by owes , “he advised.

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