Special Coating Helps Components Stand Up To Demands

Manufacturers know that it’s important to give components a finish that will stand up to the demands placed on them, whether they’re part of a wide of range of household appliances, percussion instruments or even automobile parts. Since it isn’t liquid, powder coating can be applied more thickly than other types of coatings. It typically lasts longer than traditional paints do since it’s applied using an electrostatic charge and then subjected to heat, allowing the coating to form a harder and more durable finish. Many manufacturers also appreciate the wide variety of colors available in powder coatings.

Pre-treatment is an important step in applying the coatings that can’t be overlooked or done improperly. Dirt, rust and imperfections must be removed before the powder finish is applied to the instrument, component or appliance. A number of different imperfections such as welding scale and lubrication grease as well as dirt can reduce the strength of the finish if they aren’t removed. Pre-treatment options include using chemicals such as zinc phosphate or chromate in a seven-step process to remove specific types of dirt or imperfections from all kinds of metals. Zinc phosphate is particularly suited to clean components to be used in car manufacturing, while chromate is more often used to handle aluminum products.

Once the metal is pre-treated, the coating process can begin. The most commonly used powder coatings are made from polyester materials, which hold up well under stressful conditions and also retain their color. The coating is typically applied by one of two methods. The use of automatic reciprocators to apply the coating ensures that it is evenly distributed over the component. One of its biggest benefits is its automation, which means that large numbers of a specific component can be coated at the same time, shortening the entire job process dramatically. Some smaller or complicated jobs must be handled manually, however, to properly coat the components. Once the coating process is complete, the components are cured by radiant heat, gas-recirculating convection ovens or box ovens.

Custom Wytelyne Powder Coating in Kent has been in business for over 30 years. The company works with local as well as global clients to provide the most durable powder finishes possible that can stand up to the demands placed on them. Manufacturers who need coatings for aluminum, galvanised or steel components should consider contacting Custom Wytelyne.