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Crude Oil Falls Under USD100/Barel

Crude oil is really at its nadir. Brent for the first time fell below the level of USD 100 per barrel due to the global economic slowdown that fuel demand was predicted to be down.

Brent oil for June delivery fell $ 2, 63 on the ICE Futures Europe exchange, based in London and is USD98, 61. Trading volume was five times higher than an average of 100 days to the time of day. The contract for May fell $ 2, 72 to USD100, 39 per barrel.

Meanwhile, West Texas Intermediate (WTI) futures for May delivery fell $ 2, 65 and USD86, 06 per barrel in electronic trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange. Prices fell for a fourth day. Futures trading volume nearly four times higher than an average of 100 days. WTI contract fell $ 2, 58 to USD88, 71 yesterday or the lowest close since December 24, 2012.

“Confidence evaporates in the market. Market is starting to realize the geopolitical situation worse happening around the world so that no premiums are taken into account. WTI may even go down in the USD82 per barrel,” said Jonathan Barratt Chief Executive Bulletin Baratt, as quoted by Bloomberg.

Goldman Sachs Group even pulled his recommendation to hold the oil in the long run. Because, since taking the oil from August, oil has lost nearly 16 percent.

American Petroleum Institute will release oil inventory figures today. To date, gasoline prices eceren down to $ 3, 542 per gallon. This price is the lowest price in three years.

Number of manufacturing in New York increased, though still below the market expectations. Meanwhile, the Fed reported that New York’s general economic index dropped to 3.1 months from 9.2 in March.

While China’s gross domestic product in the first quarter was up 7.8 percent from the previous year. However, the market predicts that China’s economy could grow eight percent.

S & P Touch Record High Throughout History

Wall Street indexes kept going on the green line. In fact, the S & P closed reached a record high in history.

S & P reached 1.569.19, up 6.34 points and 0.41 percent. Dow Jones also climbed 14578.54, up 52.38 points. 3267.52 while the Nasdaq rose rose 11 points, or 0.34 percent.

“The market has reached its highest point, it is likely to rise again is a bit smaller,” said Head of Technical Strategy Mark Arberter reported by Reuters on Friday (29/03/2013)

The S & P has rallied for 13 weeks, and at the close yesterday, a record number. During the first quarter yesterday, the S & P has risen 10 percent, the Dow Jones 3.7 percent and the Nasdaq 3.2 percent.

Today, the market will be closed Friday to commemorate the glorious. In the weeks ahead, the continued settlement of the Cyprus problem will be the main focus.

“By chance, the placement of the stock is still a good investment because the economic fundamentals are still good. Though the case of Cyprus is still a chance his luck as yet unknown,” added the chief investment Rex Macey Wilmington Trust.

Run Your Business Efficiently Using Business Mobiles

With a rapid development in the business world, there has been rapid increase in the mobile phone demand. A mobile is an important source that helps you to connect to your associates and clients. Today, there is a wide variety of mobile phones each with its distinct features. You can select a phone according to your usage and need. Similarly, the preferences of the business world and the need of the business people have given birth to a new mobile category – the business mobile.

A Business mobile not only acts as your personal mobile but also offers you several features that perfectly suit the need of your business world. These days carrying an attractive mobile phone in the business parties, seminars, conferences is important because you never know where you need to add a contact to your phonebook. In fact, carrying a high profile and stylish handset enhances and determines your status at such events.

These mobile phones come with certain features that make them popular among the businesspersons, thus showing that these phones are different from other mobile phones. These mobiles have in built MS office and can store documents, which no other phones can do. In addition to all this, the facility of sending e-mails and business card makes them a preferred choice of every businessperson.

Communication is the only way to grow your business. In order to succeed in the business world, it is important to have the right channel and right people to work on your plan. In this technological era, one of the main sources of communication is nothing but your business mobile phone. It is impossible to spend even an hour without it. Therefore, it is imperative to know about different business mobile deal so that you can maximize its usage and flourish your business.When you conduct a proper research, you will realize that there are phone plans catering solely to the corporate section. Therefore, if you are aware of these schemes and plans, you can make the best of it.

Select the right business phone plan:

  • These days all mobile retailer shops offer business tariff plans or schemes so that it becomes easier for you to choose the right scheme.
  • In business, you have to make long time and distant calls. This becomes economical and easy when you have an appropriate business plan.
  • cell phone Companies offers attractive plans such as free calls or 20 hours of free call amongst the professionals of the same organization.
  • With adequate amount of communication a business grows and further flourishes by leaps and bounds as communication alone opens doors to a new world each day. In this regard mobile phones have definitely played a key role. However, the main point is that if you have the accurate cell phone scheme then you can do a lot more.
  • It is one of the easiest ways to save on your call expenses in business communication.

An organization and its employees can get various benefits from these business phone plans. Therefore, it is important to have a clear idea about various business mobile deals. So, if you really want to flourish your business then make the most of these mobile plans.

Thousands of Airbus workers Welcomes Lion Air Group CEO

Airbus workers welcomed the arrival of Lion Air Founder and CEO Rusdi Kirana Group in Toulouse, France after the signing of the purchase of 234 Airbus aircraft valued at USD23, 8 billion or Rp231 trillion.

Rusdi Kirana arrival was accompanied by the President & CEO of Airbus Fabrice Brégier. The incident appears from a video uploaded on YouTube on the Airbus March 18, 2013.

In the video, Okezone quoted on Thursday (21/03/2013), Airbus workers gathered at the Toulouse Airbus delivery center. They were standing in front of jet A320 Family with Lion logo to welcome Rusdi Kirana.

“The workers were very grateful once the CEO of Lion Air for ordering Airbus’s massive,” the title of the video.

It appears in the video that lasted one minute 37 seconds, thousands of workers wearing blue collar is very excited awaiting the arrival of the CEO who came up with an Airbus.

Once off the plane, boisterous applause was blaring in the central area of ​​the delivery. With a friendly, Rusdi also shook some Airbus workers.

Indonesia eyeing the furniture market in China

China International Furniture Fair (CIFF) 2013 which was held in China Import Export Fair Pazhou Complex, Guangzhou, China, 18 to 21 March 2013 is expected to increase Indonesia furniture market in China.

“Indonesia’s participation in the exhibition that has been held for the 31st time, is intended to increase the market share of Indonesian furniture in China as the country with the highest economic growth in the world,” said Director of Development and Promotion Ministry of Trade Citra, Pradnyawati, in a press release received by Reuters, Tuesday.

Indonesia’s participation was organized by the Directorate General of Export Development (DJPEN) of the Ministry of Commerce in collaboration with the Association of Indonesian Furniture and Handicraft Industry (ASMINDO) and the Association of Indonesian Rattan Furniture and Craft (AMKRI).

In the second participation this time, the theme pavilion Indonesia Trade with Remarkable Indonesia featuring 11 companies selected furniture in an area of ​​196.5 m2.

Companies that follow the exhibition is Abiyasa Gallery, CV Wood Shades Used, PT Primerindo Jaya, CV Property, Palace Furniture, Teak 123, PT Elmas Natura, Griya Kriyasta Nugraha, Philnesia International, Surya Abadi Furniture and Craft CV Sultan Agung.

CIFF is the largest world-class furniture exhibition in Asia and is held twice a year, on a land area of ​​680,000 square meters, and followed more than 3,000 exhibitors from 29 countries.

Some large countries that follow the exhibition include the United States, Germany, Italy, France, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, Japan, Malaysia, Turkey, and China as the host. Meanwhile, the number of professional buyers who come to visit more than 178,000 buyers from different countries.

In September, the participation of Indonesian pavilion managed to obtain transaction valued at approximately one million dollars, and Indonesian products are mostly made of wood with natural colors dominate the request of the buyer.

“Ultimately, of course, not only the value of Indonesian furniture exports to China increased. Through this exhibition, participation is expected to take the lead in entering the world market, especially in Asia,” said Pradnyawati.

Indonesia’s furniture exports to China in 2012 reached a value of 21.4 million dollars, up 45.54 percent compared with 2011 worth of 14.7 million dollars.

Secretly, China Seriously Make Jumbo Jet Plane Local

With the rise of industry, China will not continue to rely on foreign aircraft such as Boeing or Airbus. Currently, the Chinese government is serious about building a homemade jumbo jet.

Akhi on Saturday last week, the Chinese government conducted a series of experiments separately operate the jumbo jet version of Y-20 which is the largest transport aircraft.
Jumbo Jet Plane Local
Y-20 chief designer Tang Changhong said Y-20 is being designed as a multifunctional jet.

“The success of te flying Y-20 became the starting point of China’s aviation industry, and we are getting closer to be able to build a strategic air force,” said Tang eperti Chinadaily quoted on Monday (03/04/2013).

It said Tang, the Chinese aircraft designer takes 5 years to be able to do a test flight of the aircraft. Currently the world’s largest plane is the Antonov An-225, Ilyusin Il-76, and Boeing C-17 Globemaster III.

Tang believes, Y-20 is going to be a jumbo serving of air travel in China. In previous trials on January 26, 2013 then, the aircraft can carry up to 66 tons of cargo.

In addition to Y-20 aircraft, China is also creating C919 jumbo which is expected to start flying in 2014.

The Chinese government is serious about developing industrial center plane. China immediately poured a budget of 100 billion yuan (U.S. $ 16 billion), or about Rp 152 trillion for aircraft engine development program made their own works.

The Chinese government wants to reduce its dependence on foreign aircraft manufacturers such as Boeing, Airbus, General Electric and Rolls Royce aircraft along with the increasing need for Bamboo Curtain country.

So far, the Chinese aircraft industry failed to build aircraft engines for reliable products, and are still dependent on Russia and the West for both commercial and military.

A professor of aerospace experts from Beijing University who knew that Rp 152 billion fund that would be used China to conduct research, development of technology, design, and materials for the aircraft industry.

Dahlan Iskan: renegotiation of mining contracts best way

Minister for State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) Dahlan Iskan assess renegotiation of mining contracts in Indonesia is the best way to face a multitude of foreign investment in Indonesia.

“It should be recognized, many large mines in Indonesia are foreign owned. However, the contract has been running for 20-30 years. Then what to do? What can be taken or left alone?,” He said in Semarang on Saturday.

It is expressed after giving a public lecture entitled “The Mastery of Science and Technology for Humanity Nation and Poverty Alleviation” held at the University of Diponegoro Semarang.

According to him, Indonesia will be regarded as a primitive nation if the mines seized from foreign investors for having violated the contract, did not obey the law, and breaking the agreement.

“If you do like it, seize the mines, Indonesia would have ostracized the world as it is considered as a primitive nation, not subject to the legal order. However, if allowed I also do not agree,” he said.

He said that during this time many people who want Indonesia as Bolivia’s mining nationalize all assets, such as North Korea independent, or prohibiting the Myanmar foreign entry.

However, he said, those who want Indonesia such as Bolivia, North Korea, or Myanmar would not feel the “suffering” experienced by the country, which lives in poverty.

Therefore, Dahlan said that the best that can be taken to address the issue is to renegotiate mining contracts that had been controlled by foreign investors.

“Let’s get them (foreign investors, ed.) To reason, considering the times have changed, especially the investment they have long returned to renegotiate mining contracts,” he said.

He pointed out that Indonesia has been exporting gas to China at a very cheap price, about three dollars U.S. / mmbtu (million metric British thermal units), whereas the repurchase price.

“Do we want to blame the government policy then? According to me, the best solution is to renegotiate, there may be a rise in half-cent or one cent is tolerable,”