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Business Loans and Small Business Loans

Business loans can help you begin a new business or assist you in recovering if your business is experiencing cash flow problems. If the applicant for a business loan has good credit, the approval process is very simple. Business loans to people who have good credit often require no collateral nor do they require that you submit a business plan. Some lenders will not lend for the start up of a business but will extend an established business a business loan. There is no guarantee that a new business will be successful, so the lender may view business loans for establishing new businesses as a high risk. Continue reading

How To Build Business Credit

Having their own business is something many millions of people dream of doing. Many do, of course, but so many others never quite get around to it. One of the factors that may discourage people from getting that business off the ground, is a lack of start up capital; and another may be the risk of losing their own money. Continue reading

Business is About Making Money

Ask most people why they are in business and they will give you any number of reasons. Things such as wanting to improve the lives of others; make the world a better place; provide for their family; have more free time; the list goes on and on.

Fact is business is about making money, which means the bottom line is the bottom line. Many business owners, managers and sales people seem to forget this. If you don’t have a strong bottom line you cannot continue to do business for very long. And if you can’t continue to do business you cannot achieve the other primary reasons you do what you do. The way you get a sturdy bottom line is to understand some basic truths about business. Continue reading

Tax Advantages In A Home Business

Every year, several thousand people develop an interest in “going into business.” Many of these people have an idea, a product or a service they hope to promote into an in come producing business which they can operate from their own homes. If you are one of these people, here are some practical thoughts to consider before hanging out the “Open-for-Business” sign. Continue reading