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Organ Secured Feminine Jump Mat

BEFORE marriage, preparations essential. One that should never be forgotten, body care and your sex organs.

Marriage was originally to be a special day in the life. At this historic moment, every woman would want to give the best performance.

This makes the treatment of the body before the wedding, so something should be done. A variety of salon and body care centers also offer packages for the bride and groom.
“Ken Dedes We provide packages for couples who want to get married,” said Inggrit Kurniawati, S.Farm, Apt, Operation Martha Tilaar Spa Salon and Spa.
Ideally, said Inggrit, women do care a month or two before the wedding day. “The only difference is the number of treatments performed,” continued Inggrit on Okezone in Grand Indonesia, Thursday, April 4, 2013.
Package provided contains a number of treatments, including massage, manicure, pedicure, and no less important is the hundred.
Hundred is a treatment in which the body smoked with the burning of special spices. This process takes approximately 15 minutes.

“For hundreds of itself is quite attractive treatment the bride,” he continued. Benefits of hundred of them throughout the body become fragrant, and reduce mucus and make the female organs become more abrasive.

How secure is bidding at has come up with security measures for making the bidding at the site free of any risks. The website is always open and anyone can visit it at will. The data is normally saved in their servers whenever you visit and this includes the websites you proceeded to from visiting this site to the browser type you used while going through along with your IP address.
Personal data is never associated with you as all this data is being saved. However, personal information is always needed from all users before they start using This personal information is inaccessible to anyone but the site owner and you. One may ask what this personal information entails. It’s simply that information that will identify you such as your address, name, and cell number among others. The main purpose why this info is gathered is to ensure you get a safe bidding experience. While registering, a question of choosing your username will always pop up together with one for typing your own user password. This password will secure your account such that only you alone can access it and any other person you have allowed to do so. However account sharing is against the rules and only one person is required for one account. Anytime this is found out your account will be revoked and you will be deregistered from participating on the website. You can also revoke your account and open a new one if you suspect someone to be having access to your account.

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What is there to know about auctions at auctioning is mainly about buying bids at auction goods of ones choice and winning. The rules are simple and easy to follow. These rules are enforced to ensure honest and fair auctions for all. And for any given auction family members are not allowed to take part in. Only registered members at can take part in these biddings. Any one can register with us as no form of criteria is used to allow someone to register. Bidding is like placing a bet on a good of your choice and hear the last person to make the bet becomes the winner. The auctions begin with opening prices of 0.0 dollars and goes up by $0.01 every time a person makes a bid on the same auction good. This is only guaranteed within the limits of the auction clock. The auction clock runs up to a maximum of 30 seconds and a new auction kicks off as soon as the winner is determined. Registration is done online at dealdash website page and steps for registration are stipulated for first timers. Bidding is also done online at the same website with each costing sixty dollars. Bids are made at any time of the day or night, seven days of the week and any day of the month. In other words auctions are present for bidding at any time you want. Shipment of the auction goods is done free off charge but is only limited to those living with the forty nine states in the USA.

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Not Flammable, Water Soak skewers with satay

MOST people are lazy grilling fish for fear of the results are not as expected. You need a technique that can be trained to continue so the meat does not fall apart when baked fish.

Here are tips on grilling fish properly so that the result is perfect, as reviewed Mydailymoment:

Long grilling
How long do you have to let the fish on the grill? The rule of thumb should be approximately 10 minutes to fish with a thickness of one inch. Except, some special instructions requested in the recipe.

If the fish has been cooked and the color turns brownish easily torn using a fork. Undercooked fish better than the overcooked fish because fish is still going through the process of ripening after being picked.

MARINASI to taste
Memarinasi or embellish a way to add flavor to the fish. MARINASI fish with seasoning choice for 30-60 minutes before baking. Because fish have little connective tissue, spice marinade will be very easily absorbed. Do not over embellish the natural flavor of the fish because fish can be covered with herbs.

Spread with olive oil
Do fish need to be oiled? For roasting, basting fish meat that has been sliced ​​with a smear of liquid or olive oil. This makes the fish remains moist. Especially for the fish that contain a lot of fat, smeared unnecessary unless you want to add flavor.

Use a skewer
Especially for small seafood and meat firmer texture, such as shrimp or fish, preferably grilled using skewers. Season to taste and select shrimp are large enough to be easily pierced.

Strike shrimp or fish alternating with chunks of your favorite ingredients, such as peppers, onions, lemon slices, and so on. If you are using skewers, soak the skewers in water first for 30 minutes to prevent burning skewer during grilling.

Lemon juice remove the smell of fish
The last tip is not about processing fish, but how do you eliminate the fishy smell of fish from hands. Although it has been washed clean with soap, the smell of fish often lags behind.

Try rubbing lemon that has been cut in several parts into your hands until the water comes out. Next, wash with soap and water. Lemon juice can also be to remove the smell of onions and garlic are inherent in the hand.

Alcohol Consumption, Greater Risk was Neuropathy

ALCOHOL indeed bring bad effects on health. One of the diseases that face is neurotopi.

Based on the results Saraf Association of Physician Specialists Indonesia (Perdossi), someone who likes to consume alcohol are potentially exposed to nerve damage or neurotopi.

The occurrence of this is because when an alcohol, vitamins can not be absorbed entered. Impact, occurs gradually narrowing blood circulation in your body This has then led to the destruction of the condition of your nerves.

“Intake of adequate vitamin B 12 is needed by the body, especially vitamin B12 is absorbed by the body only 2 percent of the incoming intake. For people who like to consume alcohol, it worsened their bodies. The reason, the alcohol interferes with the absorption of vitamins into the body and result in dysfunction of the peripheral nerves, “said Dr. Manfaluthy Judge, Sp. S (K), Chairman of the Study Group, Neurophysiology and Neuroscience Bank Perdossi in health workshop entitled Consumption of Vitamin Neurotopik Prevent Early Neuropathy in the Trengganu, Penang Bistro Kebon Sirih, Menteng, Central Jakarta, Wednesday (03/04/2013)

Under these conditions, sooner or later if not treated immediately it will interfere with your quality of life.

“Usually the first symptoms of neuropathy are tingling feet and legs felt numb. Then, follow the hand muscle and joint pain. More specifically, the impact of neuropathy usually they will have difficulty holding a glass, with the condition of their hands tremble, “he concluded.

Business smooth, Panasonic hampered Bribery

Actions bribery apparently can not be removed in the business world. To smooth the business, large or small companies often take a shortcut by way of bribing government officials.

Now, allegations of bribery hit Panasonic Avionics Corporation. Reuters news agency reported a subsidiary of the Japanese electronics maker Panasonic Corp is under investigation and the government authorities due to U.S. capital allegedly bribing an official.

The alleged bribes to smooth the various businesses that will be worked Panasonic Avionics, including in-flight entertainment facilities and communication systems for aviation. Understandably, the regulations in the aerospace and defense sector is very tight so that private companies need to do a “special lobby” to streamline permit or business transaction.

In company documents obtained by the Wall Street Journal, Panasonic Avionics has received a letter of admonition from capital market authorities and the government. The subpoena includes documents related to payments to client airlines and government officials. Authorities also found evidence that led to the alleged bribery as Komuikasi the company with consultants and government officials.

When asked for confirmation on this news, Panasonic Avionics management does not want to give an answer. Department of Justice and United States stock exchange authorities had not yet given an official statement.

Allegations of bribery was a blow straight to Panasonic, its business eroded after South Korean products cheaper and quality. To save the company, Panasonic plans to hold a management restructuring in the next two years.

Panasonic also plans to sell household electronic goods business and logistics. Not surprisingly, the company is doing all sorts of ways to streamline the aviation business that is expected to boost the performance is worse.

"Anti-Muslim Violence Corrupt Image Myanmar"

Communal conflict in Myanmar is considered to have damaged the image of the country internationally. President Thein Sein see violence targeted against Muslims Myanmar, has sparked international concern.

The wave of violence that occurred back on March 20, leading to the mosque and houses burned in several cities of Myanmar. The incident also left 43 people dead. President Thein Sein has also established a state of emergency and a curfew in some areas.

“People have been killed due to this event, and of those there are also allegedly involved arson without seeing that they had violated the law. Actions Anti-Muslim violence has damaged the image of Myanmar at the world level,” said President Thein Sein in his address to the people of Myanmar , as quoted by The News, Monday (04/01/2013).

The former general in the era of the military junta, added that such incidents have damaged the honor of the country. Thein Sein view, the incident is noteworthy because the international community has warned the democratic transition in Myanmar could be damaged by this conflict.

United States (U.S.) and United Nations (UN) is voicing some concerns due to the unrest. Unrest in Meikhtila recalls unrest in ethnic Rohingya Rakhine among the ethnic Rakhine which killed 180 people.

UN special envoy says Myanmar who take care of the problem, the Government of Myanmar participated in the massacre suffered by the ethnic Rohingya. In addition there is a suspicion that the recent riots in Meikhtila planned.

Quintana said the government’s involvement lasted recent riots that occurred in Mekhtila on 20 March. Quintana urged the Government of Myanmar to take steps to prevent the violence spreading to other parts of Myanmar.

Previous UN Adviser Vijay Nambiar who visited Meikhtila on Sunday, March 24 and saw that the riots had been planned earlier.

This 7 CEO's Most Expensive 2013

Chief Executive Officer or CEO of a large company has many duties with high responsibility.
Do not assume they can just have fun because a lot of money. Levels of stress and workload leading CEOs often exceed the limits of ordinary people, so they can say extraordinary man.

Therefore, prominent CEOs reap the high pay. A survey conducted by USA Today mention record the highest paid CEO in 2013 almost reached U.S. $ 40 million per year. Some of them received a salary increase of up to 81 percent.

Of the 170 CEOs of Fortune 500 class companies surveyed, the following 7 most expensive version of USA Today.

1. Robert Iger
Company: The Disney Company
Annual Salary: U.S. $ 37,103,208
Value of shares allotted: U.S. $ 17,282,508
Increase: 18 percent

2. Philippe Dauman
Company: Viacom
Annual Salary: U.S. $ 33,396,104
Value of shares allotted: U.S. $ 18,126,741
Salary increases: down 22 percent

3. John Donahoe
Company: eBay
Annual Salary: U.S. $ 29,705,081
Allotment of shares: U.S. $ 25,729,962
Salary increases: 81 percent

4. Howard Schultz
Company: Starbucks
Annual Salary: U.S. $ 28,909,773
Allotment of shares: U.S. $ 24,897,848
Salary increases: 80 percent

5. Stephen Chazen
Company: Occidental Petroleum
Annual Salary: U.S. $ 28,519,053
Allotment of shares: U.S. $ 17,795,076

6. Kenneth Chenault
Company: American Express
Annual Salary: U.S. $ 28,012,789
Allotment of shares: U.S. $ 21,024,892
Salary increases: 25 percent

7. Edward Breen
Company :: Outgoing Tyco International
Annual Salary: U.S. $ 23,902,734
Allotment of shares: U.S. $ 12,196,281
Increase: 45 percent


Fast Food in Refrigerator No Foul, Susunnya Here's How!

GETTING food in the refrigerator is definitely rotten in the state of sucks. More annoying again when you just bought it, and the error simply because of the preparation in the refrigerator.

Food stored in the refrigerator should be clean and have good air circulation. Arrange food in a position which allows you to see even located in the back row.

Because the problem is not perishable foods because you wear cheap refrigerator, but the preparation is wrong in the refrigerator. To be preserved foods in the refrigerator, consider the following formulation, as reported from Yumsugar:

The main part of the fridge
1. Top refrigerator shelf to put drinks in bottles, can also be water that has been cooked.
2. On the second shelf, place leftover food packaged in plastic containers. You can also keep the bread and eggs in their original containers.
3. On the bottom shelf, place to put milk, yogurt, and sour cream.
4. For drawer refrigerator that has a low temperature (slightly warm), you can store the fruit according to its kind. Avoid storing dense textured fruit, such as apples, on a finely textured fruits like berries.
5. For high-temperature fridge drawer, you can keep the vegetables by type. Avoid storing dense vegetables over greens soft textured.

The side of the refrigerator
1. At the door of the refrigerator, you can store a block of butter and cheese.
2. For the second side door refrigerator, store sauces such as mustard and mayonnaise.
3. At the third door, you can put some other spices.
4. While the next rack, you can put pickles, bouillon paste, or peanut butter.
5. Finally, at the bottom of the fridge, you can put the bottle as high, including ketchup bottles and other bottles.

Keeping Your Promises in the Business World

In a world of missed deadlines and excuses, it is easy to be cynical about promises in the business world. I think there is a better way to go. Under promise and over deliver is a principle that is sure to make your business thrive. Setting an expectation and then exceeding it is a way to deliver value and confidence, and make sure that people involved in your business relationships are thrilled with the value they receive. People always like to be pleasantly surprised. Continue reading