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Parasites of the Business World

There are many parasites of the Business World and they range from Lawyers to Professors to the Bureaucratic Scum of over-regulation. If we could eliminate many of these folks via some new type of high-heat, high-energy Laser Weapon then the business community would be a better place you see.

Some of the Business Professors are so arrogant and assign their students projects in different industries and those student bother businesses for information to do meaningless, crappy and BS papers. Oh the kids think they are all brilliant and a bunch of smarty pants, but they give themselves away by asking the dumbest questions in the World.

The only thing worse than academia is the BS regulators wasting the time of business owners pretending to be industry professionals and buyers, they should all be deported with the illegal aliens to Zimbabwe as farmers, screw em. It is amazing their BS entrapment techniques, playing games and they have never done anything in their lives, never made a payroll or created a single job. Scum of the Earth really, except for lawyers, although sometimes they are both. Death is not an option, but put them to work in Africa as farmers so they can produce something. Make em’ work. HA.

If you are a student then well, good luck on your class project, and re-read this several times, it is probably worth more than your entire MBA class. If you are the Professor assigning such crap, get a life and stop wasting businesses time. If you are regulator go shoot yourself and help humanity. If you are a Lawyer, well you have already been told where to go. Consider all this in 2006.

Targeting Indonesia Oil Well in Nigeria

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono recently visited countries in Africa, namely Nigeria. The Government will follow up economic cooperation, including the possibility of an Indonesian company purchased oil well in Nigeria.

This was stated by the Minister for Economic Affairs Hatta Rajasa when met at the Presidential Palace, Jakarta, Friday (02/08/2013).

“Nigeria is a country rich in oil and of course we are concerned about one of them is oil. And we want also that we will get the oil fields there. Why not?” Hatta firm.

Hatta said that currently there were 17 companies from Indonesia who have invested in Nigeria, ranging from instant noodles, pharmaceutical, petrochemical up.

“We also would like to invite our state, especially in the pharmaceutical and medicine especially our exports have increased. Remember, Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa with 170 million marketnya increasing, and we can continue to increase its exports to it, that’s our target , “said Hatta.

Try Working in the Mining Industry

You want to earn the sort of salary you can be proud of, don’t you? You’re probably even sick of your smug Uncle who went to medical school getting all the attention at family gatherings? The mining industry is turning many regular people like you and me into very rich, happy individuals.

Forget all the stereotypes- like the one about it being a boys club only- the mining industry has evolved into one of the most professional industries in the world. Men and women of all ages and from all backgrounds are finding extremely satisfying employment as miners. It’s a diverse and equitable pastime. Continue reading