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Damaging Cigarette toxins in the Count Seconds

Smoking is a major health hazard. Already ample evidence to show that smoking increases the risk of various diseases and death.

Still think your life is betting lottery? The more you smoke, the greater the chance of getting heart attacks, cancer, hypertension to impotence.

You might be surprised by the many ways smoking ruin your health. Please continue smoking and do not read this article if you are steadfast penderian to continue smoking.

0-10 seconds
When you inhale the first tug, cigarette smoke pass through your mouth and leave brown stains or spots on your white teeth. Toxic gases, such as formaldehyde and ammonia, immediately making the immune system has to work harder. Because the two toxic gases is causing inflammation in the mouth and throat.

Cigarette smoke and then get into the respiratory system and interfere with the performance of cilia. Cilia is a ‘sweeper’ who worked to clear the respiratory system of mucus and other particles that attack.

While nicotine directly into the blood stream through millions of capillaries in your lungs. Nicotine also attacked the adrenal gland, which increases blood pressure and heart rate. This is where the risk of stroke.

The brain was also attacked by the nicotine. Certain nerve cells secrete hormones forced dopamine, which triggers feelings of feeling good and happy. This is the beginning of how a person starts smoking addiction.

At the same time, other toxic gases, namely carbon monoxide (also found in vehicle exhaust) interfere with the performance of blood flow, thus limiting the body’s ability to transport oxygen to the vital organs of the body.

After 5 minutes
Dopamine levels began to decrease rapidly, your body feels ‘miss’ again. Cigarettes were consumed in higher quantity, you did not even realize it. Some experts assume nicotine as addictive as heroin.

A matter of weeks
If you continue to smoke for a few weeks, the number of red blood cells begin to increase due to the body’s response to chronic oxygen deficiency. This condition is characterized by abnormal number of red blood cells, known as polycythemia. In addition, smoking also causes blood clots easily occur that increase the risk of stroke.

The body will soon clean up of toxic substances in the next six to eight hours. Unfortunately, the body has not completely clean of toxins, but was added again. Finally, all the toxins accumulate in the body forever.