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Still Rampant Imports of fruit, from Fuji Apples To Oranges Mandarin

Some fruit and vegetable imports are no longer circulating forbidden in traditional markets. But there are still a number of fruit and vegetable imports remained lined Rawasari Market, Central Jakarta.

Based on the observation detikFinance, a number of fruit and vegetable imports are still visible here, such as Mandarin Orange, Yali Pear, Fuji apples and grapes from China, longan from Thailand, wines from America, and carrots.

Yanto (25), a fruit merchant at the market confessed, he did not know the rules related to the import ban was imposed by the government fruit. According to him, as long as the behavior of imported fruit will still be sold.

“I have no idea (ban on imports of fruit). Yeah if sold, how else, they buy,” he said when visited detikFinance, Rawasari Market, Central Jakarta, on Tuesday (05.02.13).

He said, usually people prefer imported fruits than local fruit because they are fresher. He detailing, Mandarin Oranges sold for Rp 25 thousand per kg, Yali Pear Rp 18 thousand per kg, and Fuji apples priced at Rp 25 thousand per kilogram.

Unlike the case with the recognition Andre (26), which also fruiterer in the same market. He admitted, imported fruits still sold to meet the needs of the community to make a parcel. However, he said, local fruit was more interested in the community because it was original and does not contain a lot of pesticides. He also claimed, did not know about the ban on imports of fruit that has been imposed by the government today.

“Not yet. Nah know me. Usually they buy an import for parcel. But more local fruits sold anyway, is not that much pesticide imports,” he admits.

In the meantime, he said, Mandarin Oranges from China sold at Rp 25 thousand per kg while the local orange priced at Rp 22 thousand per kilogram. For Fuji Apples are also from China sold at Rp 25 thousand per kg, Thailand Longan Rp 30 thousand per kg, Chinese wine Rp 50 thousand per kg, and the American wine Rp 80 thousand per kilogram.

“Americans are more salable than wine grapes China. Durian Montong baseball. Seasonal him,” said Andre.

As is known, the policy of fruit and vegetable import ban applies as from January to June 2013, with the scheme Horticultural Products Import restrictions Recommendation (RIPH).

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