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This 7 CEO's Most Expensive 2013

Chief Executive Officer or CEO of a large company has many duties with high responsibility.
Do not assume they can just have fun because a lot of money. Levels of stress and workload leading CEOs often exceed the limits of ordinary people, so they can say extraordinary man.

Therefore, prominent CEOs reap the high pay. A survey conducted by USA Today mention record the highest paid CEO in 2013 almost reached U.S. $ 40 million per year. Some of them received a salary increase of up to 81 percent.

Of the 170 CEOs of Fortune 500 class companies surveyed, the following 7 most expensive version of USA Today.

1. Robert Iger
Company: The Disney Company
Annual Salary: U.S. $ 37,103,208
Value of shares allotted: U.S. $ 17,282,508
Increase: 18 percent

2. Philippe Dauman
Company: Viacom
Annual Salary: U.S. $ 33,396,104
Value of shares allotted: U.S. $ 18,126,741
Salary increases: down 22 percent

3. John Donahoe
Company: eBay
Annual Salary: U.S. $ 29,705,081
Allotment of shares: U.S. $ 25,729,962
Salary increases: 81 percent

4. Howard Schultz
Company: Starbucks
Annual Salary: U.S. $ 28,909,773
Allotment of shares: U.S. $ 24,897,848
Salary increases: 80 percent

5. Stephen Chazen
Company: Occidental Petroleum
Annual Salary: U.S. $ 28,519,053
Allotment of shares: U.S. $ 17,795,076

6. Kenneth Chenault
Company: American Express
Annual Salary: U.S. $ 28,012,789
Allotment of shares: U.S. $ 21,024,892
Salary increases: 25 percent

7. Edward Breen
Company :: Outgoing Tyco International
Annual Salary: U.S. $ 23,902,734
Allotment of shares: U.S. $ 12,196,281
Increase: 45 percent