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S & P Touch Record High Throughout History

Wall Street indexes kept going on the green line. In fact, the S & P closed reached a record high in history.

S & P reached 1.569.19, up 6.34 points and 0.41 percent. Dow Jones also climbed 14578.54, up 52.38 points. 3267.52 while the Nasdaq rose rose 11 points, or 0.34 percent.

“The market has reached its highest point, it is likely to rise again is a bit smaller,” said Head of Technical Strategy Mark Arberter reported by Reuters on Friday (29/03/2013)

The S & P has rallied for 13 weeks, and at the close yesterday, a record number. During the first quarter yesterday, the S & P has risen 10 percent, the Dow Jones 3.7 percent and the Nasdaq 3.2 percent.

Today, the market will be closed Friday to commemorate the glorious. In the weeks ahead, the continued settlement of the Cyprus problem will be the main focus.

“By chance, the placement of the stock is still a good investment because the economic fundamentals are still good. Though the case of Cyprus is still a chance his luck as yet unknown,” added the chief investment Rex Macey Wilmington Trust.

The rupiah strengthened Thursday morning Three Points

Rupiah moved higher by three points against the U.S. dollar on Thursday morning as traders kekhawatirnya easing the financial crisis Cyprus.

The exchange rate of the rupiah currency traded between banks in Jakarta on Thursday morning strengthened in value by three points to Rp9.722 compared to the previous position Rp9.725 per dollar.

Trust Securities analyst, Reza Priyambada here on Thursday said that the movement of the exchange rate rose slightly in line with the negative sentiment from the easing of the financial crisis rescue in Cyprus.

He added that market participants expect the government to control the Cyprus capital so as to avoid the occurrence of investor funds out of the country.

“The government of Cyprus is expected to prevent the escape of deposits as depositors in the bank trimmed the country’s potentially 40 percent,” he said.

He said the sentiment of the country remains quite stable over Indonesia’s economic fundamentals still have growth.

Head of Research Investindo Futures Monex, Ariston Tjendra said consolidation moves rupiah against the U.S. dollar with a tendency to move in a narrow range.

“Cyprus will impose restrictions on check cashing and limit cash withdrawals from his bank that is expected to hold the ‘rush’. However, disappointing Italian bond auction results,” he said.

Rejection Cyprus Bring Fresh Wind to Wall Street

The S & P 500 back down for three consecutive days. However, weaker on the last day was not as deep as on the previous day due to positive sentiment coming from Cyprus parliament that rejected the imposition of a tax on bank deposits.

Tax on bank deposits related to the latest issue of the European bailout. When the Cyprus parliament rejected the tax, fears of massive withdrawals subsided. At the same time, this makes it the latest casualty of the European crisis is left to be saved.

“Regardless of the sound in Cyprus, we still have the problem, that is what is meant by financial restructuring in Cyprus?” ConvergEx Group analyst, Nicholas Colas as reported by Reuters on Wednesday (19/03/2013).

Furthermore, Cyprus banks will remain closed until Thursday.

Although weakened, the S & P 500 is still on track to score its best quarter. The gauge rose 8.4 percent for the year, while the Dow is up 10.3 percent.

In late New York trading Tuesday, the Dow Jones industrial average edged up 3.76 points, or 0.03 percent, to 14455.82. The Standard & Poor’s index fell 3.76 points, or 0.24 percent, to 1548.34. The Nasdaq Composite Index slipped 8.50, or 0.26 percent, to 3229.10.

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