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Gold jewelry is not for Investment

Basically everyone needs to invest, including working women and housewives. Although not a housewife finance major producer, but that does not mean you can not have investment. By investing, women would have better preparedness than not investing at all.

Endy Junaedy Kurniawan, author and investment expert explains gold, most housewives have a high interest in buying gold jewelry as a way to invest them. Consideration, if for example no savings Rp 500,000 and silenced several years, the money will undoubtedly be cut out because of the cost of administration. Unlike the case if the money you buy gold. Several years later when the gold is sold, they will earn cash worth more than Rp 500,000. Therefore, the current gold price is much cheaper than bought as sold.

But Endy judge, that shaped gold jewelry can not be said to be an investment, because gold jewelry is created as the need manufacturing services with costs charged to the purchaser of the jewelry.

When the gold jewelry sold by the owner, the price of gold will be cut back, because the owners of the gold also charged melt gold by gold shop owners are concerned. Moreover, models of jewelry may no longer be a trend when you sell the jewelry.

It can be used as a reason for gold shop owners to lower the selling price of gold jewelry. Therefore Endy suggested, if it intends to invest, you should buy gold jewelry taste, just to wear.

In contrast, the right to invest in gold is gold precious metals (LM) with the form of bars and plates. While, gold coin, known as the dinar also be the right choice to invest.

The smaller the value the form LM expensive. For example, if the value of 1 gram LM is Rp 550,000, and you buy a LM with a slab of 10 grams, could be the value to Rp 540,000. Endy suggest better if you want to invest with LM, buy a size 5, 10, or 25 grams, because the price is quite economical and easy to resell.

While the dinar has the form of a coin 1 coin weighing 4.25 grams. Neither LM nor dinar coins that circulated in Indonesia has a stamp and stamp PT Antam Tbk, as manufacturers of both types of gold.