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4 Causes of Disorders of Finance

The more days the level the higher the lifestyle needs, and become more consumerist society. As a result, the funds needed to meet the needs and desires become increasingly high. If you can not separate the needs with the desire, I wonder if you are spending so much greater than income.

“Society today is difficult to separate where the needs and desires. Example, when the money barely lot more men choose to buy cigarettes instead of buying food. Mending ngerokok not eat than not,” said Hilda Fachriza, Head of SME Center and a lecturer at the Faculty of Economics University of Indonesia, while Discussion Media “Create Opportunity, Empower Societies, and the Collapse Gap” in Jakarta, some time ago.

While women are usually difficult to resist the urge to shop when looking at various fashion products or make-up date, especially if it is heavily discounted. And if you look closely, all of this is only intended to follow his lifestyle.

Besides the issue of consumerism is high enough, Hilda also revealed there are some financial problems experienced by the community, especially in big cities, namely:

1. Not have planning
Every person has different needs. Therefore, every person should need a good financial planning. Unfortunately, most people just do not do it. They tend to think short to get momentary pleasure, and regrets later because their pay is up to purchase items that were not needed.

2. Difficult to save
“Actually, everyone is aware that they have to set aside money for savings. Unfortunately, it is still very hard to do,” he added.

This happens because when they had more money, would immediately be tempted to spend it. Hilda added, the problem is not just saving money difficulties experienced by the big cities, but also small towns, especially the residents of livelihood as a small business owner.

“The owners of SMEs are usually complain of income are also small so it does not have money to save. They still had a thought that it should be saving large amounts of money while the rest of them a little,” he said (Read: Saving Difficult? Maybe this reason).

3. Financial education
Consumerism and poor financial planning is one of a lack of financial education in the community. The financial education when it should have been taught from an early age. The goal is not to make you rich, but rather how to manage finances for a prosperous and fulfilling life.

4. Did not have a vision for the future
Each person must have a lot of plans for his future, whether married, walks out of the country, building a business, buy a house, or maybe invest. To do all this required no small cost. So, it’s good to start saving and make your dreams come true.

“When they do not have dreams and visions in the future want to do anything, to be sure they do not also think about their future financial needs,” he concluded.

A Remedy For Financial Crisis

Bridging loans can act as a remedy during your financial crisis. You can apply for a fast bridging loan whenever you need a financial help to make both your ends meet. These loans act as a great support for bridging the financial gap that you might be stuck in.

Bridging finance are short term loans which can be borrowed by a person, to fulfill both personal and commercial requirements, until he/she is able to arrange the required amount. You can borrow a cheap bridging loan, when you want to buy a new property either for your personal requirements or for commercial purpose, without selling your present property. Bridging loans, as the name suggests, builds a bridge between both the ends of financial gap caused during the process of buying a new property and selling the existing one. You can borrow a bridging loan not only for buying property but also for fulfilling other requirements like holiday expenditure, marriage, buying raw material and machinery for your business, etc.

They are of two types – open and closed.

Open bridging loan – you can opt for an open bridging loan if you want to buy a new property immediately but you don’t actually know when you will be able to sell your present property.

Closed bridging loan – unlike the open bridging loan, you can borrow a closed bridging loan when you need more financial help to buy your new property even after having sold your old property.

The amount of loan that you can borrow is determined based on the value of the collateral you are placing. The maximum limit lent varies from one principal lender to the other. While borrowing a bridging loan you should remember that these loans are short term loans, therefore the repayment time is short. Also being a short term loan, it has got higher rates of interest. However there are many lenders from whom you can borrow a cheap bridging loan with relatively lower rates of interest. It will always be wise on your part to do a proper research about the lenders and their rates of interest, before finally borrowing it. Also you have to pay a fixed sum at one time. So make sure you have the amount ready with you. If you fail to repay the loan amount within the fixed time, you may loose the collateral that you had placed while borrowing the loan.

They are also lent by many lenders for people with bad credit history. The interest rate for these borrowers might be a little higher. You can improve your bad credit score by borrowing a fast bridging loan and repaying it back in time. These loans are secured in nature and you need to place collateral with the lender while borrowing it and free it after repaying the loan amount. You can place your old property or the new property which you are buying as the collateral.

Considerations For a Car Purchase and Finance

There are many things to consider in your purchase of a motor vehicle. There are many choices and it can be confusing to which vehicle to choose. Once you have decided on a car then to what price and possible trade in price to be negotiated. With most car purchases financed, it is also important to remember everything when going through comparing car finance packages. Continue reading