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5 Ways to Eliminate Spicy in the mouth

Mouth was still hot after eating spicy food can be very disturbing.

And even spicy heat effects can last for quite a long stick.

Often to eliminate spicy, which uses many ways by drinking cold water.

Though this way is the wrong way.

Here are some ways to eliminate scalding of the Ragin Chef Ghiboo interviewed at an event in Gandhari City, Thursday (04/04).

1. cucumber
According to Chef Ragin, to be able to eliminate spicy in the mouth, can be overcome by eating cucumber. Cucumbers have a very high water content so as to neutralize spicy.

2. milk
Milk can neutralize spicy in the mouth, this is because milk has caesin compounds capable of binding compound capsaicin in chilies. “Milk is a powerful drug to eliminate spicy in the mouth,” said Ragin.

3. yogurt
According to Chef Ragin, yogurt also has properties similar to milk in menetralisi spicy flavor. Yogurt can be used in addition to eliminating spicy ice, can also be a great dessert.

4. Lemon
Lemon is often used to remove the spicy flavor in the mouth especially the tongue. This ability is believed to be due to a sour taste which is owned by the lemon. It is not strange, considering the lemon is often used after drinking liquor like tequila.

5. rice
According to Ragin Chef, with a spoonful of rice, you can eliminate the spicy flavor. No need to eat lots of rice to relieve spicy, enough to chew longer, spicy flavor will soon disappear.