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Tips to avoid wasteful, while shopping

Often the women do waste time shopping. Moreover, if there is a discount or no new models gorgeous dress in a shop window. After I got home, the new regretted spending money on unnecessary items (do not be ashamed to admit this, almost all women have experienced).

Do not want to waste your money and regret buying unnecessary items? The following tips will save you and savings.

2 Create a Savings Account

If you only have one account at a bank, for example, contains the money of Rp 50 million, then you tend to think, “Well I’m still a lot of money, if shopping is not what it was,” Do not you often wonder if the savings do not increase (even drastically reduced) due regard saving much.

Compare if the account you normally wear for daily life and shopping is only charged USD 10 million, then you will think, “My money just so, must be smart to keep spending.

Therefore, according to Trizki Lutfi, a financial expert, quoted by Reuters, it is better if you make two savings accounts. One account for operational funds (funds each month to live) and one for savings accounts. After receiving a salary, which will direct how you separate the tubes and how much you spend.

Thus, as a swipe at the ATM operational account, you will only see the operational money, and saving your money untouched.

Need or Want?

Women often tempted to view discounted items. Actually, that stuff is not needed, but because ‘discounts mumpung again’, the goods are purchased. Frequent ya .. the women will regret it after I got home. But this habit is often repeated.

To fix this, try to ask yourself:

“I really need this item or just want it?”

Think, how much interest the thing for your life. If the answer is just like, leave immediately. If the answer is needed, said again this question:

“Do I need to at this time, or can it wait?”

If the goods can be postponed purchases, there’s nothing wrong postponed. Delay could be two or three months down the price of the object, especially electronic goods.

It was her little tips from us that you are not extravagant, no savings were safe and no longer regret having bought the goods that are not needed.