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Turkey Can Be Gateway RI Login European

Turkey votes can be the gateway of Indonesia to go to Europe in the trade sector.

“In the field of trade, Turkey is certainly in need of resources to increase trade,” said former Vice President Jusuf Kalla.
Departing from there, Indonesia trade could be increased because of the immoral behavior of the entrepreneur youth movement in Turkey. JK who was accompanied by his son Solihin J Kalla, attend a lunch with the President of the Bank Asya Ahamet Beyaz in Istanbul Turkey.

Solihin was deeply impressed with the vision of Turkish businessmen. They developed a conscience project to be a tough businessman and made Turkey a leading country in the European economy today.

“And interestingly because unscrupulous business behavior is a youth movement in Turkey. Businesses the Young Turks movement which is based on this moral we should emulate,” said the man who is familiarly called Ihin.

According to him, if Indonesia can start from now, the country would be able to pick a few years later.

Wheat Exporter Turkey digesters RI to WTO

Chairman of the Association of Producers and Exporters of Grains, Legumes and Vegetable Oils Turkey, Turgay Unlu expressed their objection to the relevant officials in Indonesia happenings imposition of an additional duty of 20 percent flour. According to him, the charges are not inconsistent with the requirements of the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Unlu said, the Turks had consulted with international law expert Edwin Vermulst about this. According to him, based on ongoing investigations, the imposition of levies ‘safeguard’ is contrary to the provisions of the WTO. “There is no legal basis to impose safeguard measures,” Unlu said in a press release Tuesday, March 26, 2013.

According Unlu, Turkey is now considering taking the issue to the WTO. “We believe if the case is analyzed by a panel of the WTO, the WTO will reject it,” he said.

Unlu hope, Indonesia as a democracy continue to comply with international trade laws and regulations. “We are concerned only damage bilateral relations between Turkey and Indonesia that are good for this,” he said.

Unlu also rejected allegations that the Turkish wheat flour producers get a competitive price for the Turkish government gives subsidies to grain producers. “These are false accusations and irrelevant,” he said.

Because, says Unlu, Turkey has a system of inward processing in the country or where the exporter to import wheat flour best quality and competitive prices from anywhere in the world with the condition will export the final product. Therefore, the Turkish government subsidies to domestic farmers have nothing to do at all with the price and operational flour Turkish exporters.

As is known, the Ministry of Trade of Indonesia has decided to impose import duty Precautions While (BMTPS) by 20 percent as a form of trade protection while on the import of wheat flour starting from December 5, 2012. Previously, the Association of Indonesian Flour flour serbian expressed objections to Turkey in August of the same year.