Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint Review

In reviewing Mark Hoverson’s Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint which at the time of this writing the product hasn’t released yet, it’s fair to say however, one could easily take the free education inside the pre-launch video training and begin to create their own info products. I’ve never seen so much training during a prelaunch which could easily be a product in and of itself.

From the information I’ve studied, and I’ve watched both the pre-training videos and the 3 modules inside the sales platform, there is significant evidence that this product will over-deliver. There are 7 modules and then bonuses inside of each module.

Here’s a couple key things I’ve taken away in a nutshell.

    • Network marketers are giving out too much free information and until their struggling prospects pay for information, they won’t pay attention. Funny how the mind works that way. It’s a disservice to not charge for your value.
    • People are massively confused about marketing and are willing to pay money for help. A survey was conducted by a top industry leader and the results showed people wanted the technical help to do things rather than motivational training. So give the masses what they want. If you’re not serving your list, others will and then you’ve not only lost the income from your product, but the possible and probable loss of a business partner and other sources of income from that individual.
    • People are gladly paying for help and if you don’t offer it, they’ll go get it from someone else.
    • Network marketers feel that if they have a small list, haven’t made money yet or are new, they should not be offering products for sale. Nothing could be further from the truth. Everyone has value at every level. Belief systems that are not serving are keeping new marketers back from success.
    • Creating a fast, simple and easy to put together product called a ‘caffeine’ product is super easy if you have a blueprint. Hoverson said he’s giving the step by step blueprint for how to do this, thus removing the creative burden from you. These products range in price from $39 to $197.
    • Lead with your caffeine product to draw people in (just like your free training) as attraction marketing but now you’re making money and branding yourself as a stronger leader.
    • The term “personal branding” has been thrown around and is now diluted too much. Your brand should be the person to go to for answers and solutions. Period. This includes the lineup of products you offer.
    • Creating crop products are products that are evergreen and higher priced that will continue to be a cash cow for you year after year after year.
  • Based on a survey, most people buy from a video sales letter and a selling webinar, yet most network marketers and direct sales specialists don’t do this because they either didn’t know about them, are terrified to do them or just lack the skillsets.

Mark Hoverson has laid the foundation in his info marketing course for anyone who wants to attract a large downline in their network marketing or MLM and by doing so using the knowledge in their head, no matter to what the degree that is, which in turn creates that massive income, leadership posturing, and leverage. Having prospects join you in business becomes simple clockwork when you become a value based info product developer.

Hoverson is taking students through the Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint step by step, and teaching them 7 modules worth of how, what, and why of creating everything from their inexpensive and fast caffeine products to their evergreen products, to selling their products and services through webinars and from stage and he’s giving extraordinary bonuses on creating the entrepreneurial family, email secrets, the list is long.

One of the interesting elements to the Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint is there’s very much an opportunity for students to engage in friendly competition by getting to work and implementing what they learn. Hoverson is running contests throughout the course.

I’ve personally known Mark Hoverson since 2007 and I’ve watched him go from the trailer to the penthouse in less than 2 years by implementing his own teachings. I know that what he’s saying inside theIrresistible Info Marketing Blueprint is fact based on his own case study and impact this is already having on the lives of his students.

Hoverson’s credibility to teach and share in a way that most haven’t thought to do, had landed him on stage with Mark Victor Hansen and being contacted by agents for world renowned authors, entrepreneurs and companies.


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