Garlic & Onion irreplaceable

PRICE garlic and onion shoots up making people increasingly distraught Indonesia first two of these foods can not be replaced with any material.

“Garlic and onions that baseball can be replaced with any material as both have a distinctive aroma and flavor,” said Indra Sudarmodjo, Director of F & B Cafe Dill Gourmet to Okezone when found in the area of ​​Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta recently.

Former Chef Hotel Mulia Senayan, said although it can use instant seasoning, but still can not give up in order to replace the flavor of garlic and onion.

According to him, the two materials have the aroma and very specific characteristics. Moreover, both garlic and onion are needed to obtain a fragrant aroma to dishes treated.

“Call it like Chinese food, they always wear garlic dikeprek merely because they want to get a flavor by way of removing it, while to be processed onion fried onions because onions have aroma and flavor that is unique and distinctive, so no one replaces the aroma of both, “he said.

Although some people try to replace it with the onions, but the onions just brought him sweet taste alone. “Bombay is only issued when sauteed sweet taste but no taste and flavor of the onion, the solution reduced the extent of it,” he sternly.

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